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Setting Your Monthly Housing Rate

This online payment resource lets you reduce your monthly rent payment by making a single payment greater than the monthly rent, to reduce the amount of the monthly recurring payment.

How This Works

If your lease is $5000 for ten months, your monthly rent would be $500:
5000 ➗ 10 months = 500

If you wanted to cut your monthly rent in half,  you could pay half of the total lease amount now - $2500 - and reduce the remaining amount to be paid to $2500.
5000 - 2500 = 2500.

That reduces the monthly amount due to $250 per month for the ten months of the lease.
2500 ➗ 10 months = 250

The Process

  1. Use the fields to set your current school term and room type
  2. The current total lease amount and monthly will be shown.
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay upfront.
  4. The system will calculate the balance of the total and divide that by the number of months left in the lease.

You will be charged the amount you entered in Step 3, and the monthly amount calculated in Step 4 will be automatically charged 30 days from now.

To continue, you must acknowledge that you understand how to reduce your monthly rent, and agree to the online payment process.


To see How it Works and The process again, click the acknowledgement buttons above.

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