Understanding Leases and The Automatic Payment Process

Leases and Payments


Application Fee: $50; Application submission is complete when the application fee is paid online at the end of the application form.

Deposits: $250 security deposit + $50 cleaning fee; Paid online when to complete submission of your Housing Agreement.

Lease: Pre-Paid or Monthly, for the length of school enrollment, for the type of room you choose.

    • All fees, deposits, and lease payments are payable online. You must have a credit card or debit card with enough money to pay for the application fee, deposits, and lease payments.
    • Residents must be authorized to use the debit or credit card used to make their housing payments.
    • Residents must prove they have permission to use a card owned by a different cardholder.
    • The cardholder will be required to explicitly approve the charges.

Disputing Charges

Contact us before disputing a CSH charge with your card issuer or bank.

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Lease Payment Types

There are two types of payments for housing, both are online payments:
Pre-Paid and Monthly.

Pre-Paid means you'll pay for the entire cost of the room in a single payment.

Monthly means you'll be automatically charged monthly for your chosen room and school. The monthly lease amount is based upon Room Type and School Term. Monthly leases are billed/charged automatically and are recurring for the length of the lease.

Monthly Payment Example: You're attending Columbia College for a School Year and want to stay in a Shared Room. If the total lease cost for that room is $4,000, and there are 10 months of payments, divide $4000 by 10 and you get $400. That means you will be automatically charged $400 each month.

You are agreeing to be automatically charged for your lease each month.
You will not receive a bill. Your bill is your lease, therms of which you agree to.
Your credit/debit card statement will have your lease payment on it.

You are responsible for ensuring there is enough money on your credit card/debit card to pay for your monthly lease. Failed payments are cause for eviction.

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Apartment Units and Rooms

Unit: An apartment; each unit has two bedrooms with one or two residents per bedroom. The units have a common area, a dining area, a kitchenette, two bedrooms. The bedrooms have beds, clothes cabinets, and desks.

Shared Room: You're sharing a bedroom with one other resident; costs less than a Single Room.

Single Room: Private bedroom. Costs more than a Shared Room.

School Term: The semester or semesters you're attending classes at Columbia College. You can choose from currently available individual program semesters (such as Fire Academy), seasonal semesters (such as Fall, Fall-Spring, and Summer) up to a full School Year. More semesters means longer stays. Longer stays means increased housing cost.

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Payment Rules

The housing agreement is a lease; it's a contract. You're responsible for understanding it and for adhering to the terms within it. Be sure you understand what you're agreeing to before you commit to it. If you have any questions, please ask.

Monthly agreements are billed automatically. A credit card or debit is required and will be charged automatically. Monthly agreements are recurring payments, also known as subscriptions. When you select a monthly payment type, you're agreeing to be automatically charged every month. You will not receive a bill to pay each month. You will be charged automatically each month.

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    • Make sure you have the funds available for the deposits and for the cost of the lease.
    • Make sure you're authorized to use the card for the amounts the card will be billed.
    • Make sure whomever the card is issued to authorizes you to use their card, and knows how much they will be billed.
    • Make sure whomever the card is issued to understands their card will be automatically charged based upon whatever options you select.
    • Failure to pay the fees associated with your housing agreement may result in termination of your lease. You will be responsible for any outstanding housing occupancy fees, cleaning fees, and may lose your security deposit accordingly.

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Changes To Your Lease

You can request changes to your lease, within reason, at the discretion of CSH Housing Director, Samantha Huebner.

Changes will impact your lease charges.
Changes to your lease may incur an administration fee.

Changes to the type of room, the school term/length of lease and/or the type of payment (pre-paid or monthly) will impact your lease payment. Below are general ways in which changing your lease can affect your lease charges. Specific impacts will depend on your particular circumstances.

    • Shared Room to Single Room: Single rooms cost more; may increase lease charges.
    • Semester to School Year: Longer stay; may increase lease charges.
    • Pre-Paid to Monthly: Monthly leases cost more; may increase lease charges.
    • Monthly to Pre-Paid: Pre-Paid leases cost less; full payment will be required; may reduce lease charges.

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